We're on the verge of something great, together.

We’re building a community where everyone can live a truly fulfilling life. Together, we will flourish.

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Welcome to Verge, we're so excited you're here! This platform integrates evidence-based research on the science of well-being to help you live your best most fulfilling life. Verge provides you with opportunities to identify your core values, prioritize your mental and physical health, develop meaningful relationships, find happiness and life satisfaction and lead a purposeful life. You're on the verge of flourishing! Let's get started!

We can’t wait to see what you’re on the Verge of.

Verge is defined as an edge or brink. To “verge” means to move or extend in some direction or toward something” (Merriam-Webster, 2021). That’s what this process is all about. You are on the brink of something new. You are beginning to explore what complete well-being means to you. By engaging with this platform, you are committing to bettering yourself. And we’ll be here alongside you the entire way. Verge is a starting point for your flourishing journey. We hope that Verge helps you to move and extend beyond what you think is possible right now.

Flourishing is a state in which all aspects of a person’s life are good (VanderWeele, 2017).

That doesn’t mean that flourishing is a static state, rather it’s a continual process of becoming. It’s normal to pendulate between periods of flourishing and languishing, but what is important is that flourishing becomes your mindset. When you adopt a flourishing mindset, it means that you are committed to working toward your best self. You are open to exploring the tools, activities, and events here on Verge, designed to help you flourish! You are also committed to trying, experimenting, and failing, and then trying again. No one’s flourishing journey is perfect, what matters is that you commit yourself to the process and the possibility of flourishing! And Verge is here to help you! Let’s start flourishing!

Students have an opportunity to log participation in events around campus by using several types of Activity Cards
(Flourish Activity Card, FitWell Activity Card, and On The Verge of Something Great Activity Card). Each card completion
and submission via the link below gives you an opportunity to showcase your participation and receive specific giveaway items.

On the verge of something big

Verge provides education, tools, resources, and in-person opportunities to help you live your best life.

The discoveries you’ll make

Everyone’s starting point is a little different. Discover your potential and find your first steps here.

The tools you’ll have

Flourishing requires intentional action. Take time to prioritize your well-being individually, at your own pace with these tools. Learn, practice, and master new skills and then share them with others!

The events you’ll attend

We come together to embrace every moment. Engage with the other members of a community that welcomes you.

Verge connects us to more

You are now a part of our Verge team. We are committed to creating a flourishing community. We invite you to expand your flourishing practice by attending (and even leading) events, workshops, and trainings aimed at cultivating well-being.

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